TCG Powers Wellness with Questis

Austin, TX. and Charleston, SC (02/11/2020) — TCG Advisors, LP (TCG), a full service investment advisory and retirement plan administration firm, has launched FinPath, a unique, comprehensive financial wellness program, powered by Questis. For years, TCG has been in the investment and retirement industry, proactively educating their plans and participants about financial health. But, when they found themselves frequently being asked, ‘what’s next?’, they knew they needed a solution. TCG wanted to create something that would allow participants to educate themselves, to engage, and to get support around all areas of personal finance, when and where they needed it. In the absence of finding a silver bullet in market, they instead created a solution unique to their needs and best designed to reach their goals.

TCG works predominantly with the K12 education space. When the economy is doing well, school districts struggle to attract and retain talent. When the economy is down, the opposite is true and employees struggle severely with their finances. Both cases call for a comprehensive financial wellness program and now, while in a time of economic prosperity, the presence of FinPath has proven to be a differentiator for school systems by increasing work interest, improving teacher retention, and encouraging proactive financial health behavior.

TCG created FinPath to be hands-on and focus on education, human guidance, and engaging technology. They want every participant’s experience to be unique and their approach to onboarding has been no different. “Financial wellness means something different to each person and their starting point is not always the same.” says Matt Escalante, Senior Director of Institutional Investment Services at TCG Advisors, “First we need employees to understand the programs value and desired results, which is why we’ve spent the time and energy in our approach to onboarding. We want them to hear it from their bosses and peers. We want them to be excited and eager to get going. We want them to sign up knowing full well that this isn’t just another check the box benefit. It is, we believe, a new way to think about and proactively manage your financial life.”

“We want employees to sign up knowing full well that this isn’t just another check the box benefit. It is, we believe, a new way to think about and proactively manage your financial life.”
– Matt Escalante, Senior Director of Institutional Investment Services at TCG Advisors

With Questis technology powering FinPath, TCG is able to give its plans a simple, integrated user experience. They can easily gather qualitative and quantitative data to better personalize advice, content, and action. Further, in addition to understanding individual participants and their situations better, FinPath makes it possible to identify population wide trends. This transparency gives plan sponsors the information they need to strategize and put plans in place to address these issues.

“The work TCG does in education and beyond makes me proud to partner with them,” said Steve Wilbourne, CEO Questis. “No matter the economic environment, the program and services they provide are not only relevant but vital to the future financial health of teachers and school system workers in America. By educating people not only about the value of financial wellness, but how they can use it, they’re setting themselves up for success with respect to employee sentiment, engagement, the list goes on. We couldn’t be happier to work with them and their massive constituent of teachers and education system workers.”

TCG will continue to upgrade their user experience in an effort to always provide clients and end-users more value. They also plan to integrate with strategic solution
partners in the near future. In the meantime, FinPath continues to get stellar market feedback and power financial wellbeing for their many plan participants.

About TCG

TCG was founded in 2000 as a fee-based investment and consulting firm. Our founding partners, John Pesce and Mike Cochran, rooted the company in our core values by which we serve our customers. By avoiding the pitfalls of the commission-based model, we have attracted a loyal clientele appreciative of straight talk, informed decision making and personalized service.

In helping others to prosper over the years, TCG has prospered as well. Today, TCG has grown in excess of 100 employees. The markets we serve have broadened too. Now managing over $3.5 billion in assets, we serve over 750,000 individuals across hundreds of plans in the education, local government, and small-to-medium business segments. Everything we do is accomplished in-house by a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing elite customer service.

About Questis

Questis is a configurable participant management and financial wellness technology platform that allows retirement advisors and financial service providers to easily deliver personalized financial wellness programs to their plan sponsors and participants. Founded by experienced financial advisory professionals, Questis pairs the power of software with the customization and communication required to fuel behavior change. With seamless integration tools, processes, and human experts, Questis makes participant management and financial wellness simple and scalable for everyone. Now, anyone looking to run their business more smoothly or to offer financial wellness as a service can do so simply, and customized to their requirements and branding.

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