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People need people.

Financially stressed people need more than educational content. They need strong personal connections and consistent, compassionate coaching for working through their financial fears and frustrations. That’s where Questis comes in.

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How Questis Works

Our technology and relationship-driven approach are purpose-built to make Financial Empowerment scalable, affordable, and effective at workforce scale.








Financial stress is a moving target.

Workforce Financial Empowerment demands an agile, dynamic process.

It happens in 3 phases.


In your “Launch” phase, we use direct engagement and AI-powered data analysis to assess the needs of your workforce as a whole and as individuals.


In your “Rise” phase, we use key learnings from your Launch to uplift your workforce with a personalized path to Financial Healing and Empowerment.


Your “Thrive” phase focuses on sustaining positive behavioral change, maximizing business impact, and refining long-term plans and objectives.


Uncovering Problems and Their Root Causes

If your solution isn’t digging deep, it’s not going to work.

Our in-depth discovery process delivers targeted solutions that meet people where they are with the help they need.

Define business goals

Financial stress profoundly impacts healthcare and talent management costs and company culture. To deliver the best business impact, we personalize the Questis experience to align with your organization’s objectives, and we continuously refine and optimize our approach.

Show people you care

From the moment you Launch, your people can see that you’re investing in them and their financial futures. Our fully customizable proprietary survey engine is built to gather information and deliver support with complete confidentiality, compassion, and dignity.

Uncover problem areas

Retirement-focused financial benefits are failing the majority of American workers. Any one-size-fits-all approach is doomed to fail because there’s no shortcut to understanding and working through the precise problems affecting a person or workforce.

Scaling Life-Changing Support

Questis provides what’s missing from financial wellness programs: community, compassion, and meaningful human connections.

Compassionate Coaching

Relationship-driven support starts by understanding the person, not just their personal finances. Our coaches dig deep to understand where you’re coming from, what barriers you’re facing, and what you want out of the relationship.

Questis Communities

We ask people about their goals, needs, and preferences and create customized Questis Communities: coach-moderated support groups tailored to people’s specific problems, goals, life stages, identities, and more.

Behavioral Science

People/Technology hybrids like Questis Communities and workshops offer an infinite array of ways to explore and engage. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, there are always Financial Empowerment opportunities.


Safe Spaces are Brave Spaces

Transformative change requires mutual trust and shared understanding. Questis Communities can offer group coaching and peer-to-peer support in groups based on lived experiences, goals, identities or any intersections of the following:





Next-Generation Accessibility

To deliver Financial Healing and Empowerment for everyone, our People + Technology break down barriers to participation and success.

Employee Experience

Questis uses AI and Machine Learning to aggregate all your information in one secure place, create a personalized user experience, and deliver timely behavior-change prompts—on your device and on your schedule.

High-Touch Healing

Our coaches aren’t here just to educate you. Whether they’re helping you with your Paycheck Planning or negotiating new credit card interest rates, they’re committed to supporting you as a whole person.

Virtual Communities

People/Technology hybrids like Questis Communities and workshops offer an infinite array of ways to explore and engage. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced user, there are always Financial Empowerment opportunities.

Be a life-changing employer.

Let us help you empower and bond with your people.

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