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Financial empowerment for everyone.

Questis is the complete personal finance solution that empowers everyone in the employee benefits ecosystem. We treat the root causes of financial stress and anxiety by meeting people at their paycheck with a simple-to-follow, scientific path to financial healing and empowerment.

Questis is the future of personal finance.

58% of American workers are financially stressed, and they’re bringing the stress to work with them. Financial stress impacts people and businesses in every area, but it’s a complex problem to solve. To end financial stress and optimize everything from productivity, to culture, to employee retention, we’ve built the world’s most compelling personal finance solution.

Our purpose

Questis exists to achieve what no financial wellness program can. We provide financial healing for the people who need it most.

Our technology

We’re always investing in the forefront technology to optimize our user experience, data analytics, personal finance tools, and more.

Our coaches

People experiencing financial stress need compassionate, consistent support, so real-person coaching is a Questis core value.

Who we are and how we help.

Founded by a cross-disciplinary team of financial advisors, tech leaders, and business visionaries, Questis makes the value of personalized financial planning accessible to everyone. We reject the notion of “financial wellness,” in an environment where American workers are severely financially stressed. “Financial healing” is the real solution.

For People

Our solution combines cutting edge technology and deep human insights to help people achieve financial healing.

For Businesses

Our holistic approach delivers ROI to businesses by helping their workforce become financially empowered.

For Advisors

Our digital tools and personalized coaching helps advisors optimize, scale, and strengthen relationships.

For more cutting-edge thinking and research, explore our Insights page.
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