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Workforce Financial Empowerment Company Announce Rebrand

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Questis is relaunching in 2021 to fill the gap left by ineffective financial wellness programs and is now shaping up to be the preferred direct solution in the employee benefits industry. For the employee, this means personalized and prescriptive financial coaching to empower them to take greater control of their finances. For the companies sponsoring these programs, the cultural and business impacts include higher employee retention, reduced absenteeism, lower healthcare costs and enhanced employee experience.

With the onset of the pandemic, a US workforce unbound by geography is now more selective than ever. Companies that are known for making their employees feel valued and cared for increase their success in recruiting and talent acquisition. At the executive level, a looming talent crunch means that competition for skilled workers in key positions is heating up to the point where CEOs cite quality recruitment as their top business concern.

“We are relaunching Questis because we saw an issue with how the retirement intermediaries are not delivering financial wellness currently, and now we are going to deliver financial empowerment benefits our way, the right way,” says CEO Steve Wilbourne, “We’ve created the roadmap to get businesses there. When you empower your people with Questis, they take control of their personal finances, and they can bring their best performance to work again. The differentiation that our tools provide is the powerful combination of personalized coaching coupled with science and data-driven technology. We help employers take care of their chief asset, their people.”

The company’s rebrand is aligned with its mission to transform people’s relationships with money. With more than half of US workers reporting that they are financially stressed and bringing it to work, Questis is on a mission to provide the targeted, multi-dimensional help that financial wellness benefit programs.

Questis Chief Vision Officer Jamie Linkowski summed up, “It makes no sense to optimize retirement savings for an employee who doesn’t have the funds in place to cover an emergency car repair, while this is the case for over 60% of America’s workforce. Questis helps employees like no other solution because we meet people at their paycheck, human to human, with empathy and dignity. This is the clear path to financial control and, ultimately, financial empowerment.”  Linkowski continued, “Traditional financial wellness has been a buzzword, and largely ineffective for the masses. We are teaching employers how to take care of all of their employees, addressing all of their basic human needs and beyond; not just working with the already-well. The result is better performance, better productivity, better recruiting, better retention, better health; in short, better, unprecedented value for the business.”

Read the full release here.

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