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Questis and Radiant Academy Team Up

Questis x Radiant Academy Join Forces in Financial Empowerment

Helping Teachers at Radiant Academy become financially well so they can bring their best to the students.

Charleston, SC, 9/19/23: Today, Questis, a Workforce Financial Wellness Company, and Radiant Academy, a not-for-profit early childhood learning center, announced their partnership to deliver a complete personal financial solution to Radiant Academy employees. Radiant Academy is passionate about this new program and its modern, holistic approach to financial healing and empowerment, and strives to get their team of teachers on the right track to financial growth so they can thrive in their roles and their personal lives.

“At Radiant Academy, We decided that we would focus on the whole teacher and not just the employee. One of their concerns has constantly been around their personal finances, and we believe that Questis will meet that need,” said Sylvia White, Director.

Radiant Academy is driven by its employee-first ethos, striving to provide thoughtful, relevant, and innovative benefits to meet their employees’ immediate needs, while empowering them with the tools and resources to reach their financial goals. This new partnership empowers Radiant Academy’s teachers with technology, coaching, and community to support them along their financial journey–no matter where they are starting.

“Radiant Academy goes above and beyond to support their employees. They prioritize their culture and training, and now, with Questis, they are also prioritizing their employees’ financial well-being. This is a prime example of being a life-changing employer,” said Philip Pinckney, VP of Sales and Marketing at Questis.

Questis launched its services to all Radiant Academy employees in August 2023. 

About Questis

Questis helps businesses become life-changing employers by delivering employees the tools, resources, and accountability needed to solve the root causes of financial stress. Their mission is to replace feel-good Financial Wellness programs with proven solutions based on solid behavioral science, real-person coaching, personalized and predictive planning, and cutting-edge technology. Questis is the only financial benefit that offers deep financial healing to transform people’s relationships with money. Interested in seeing how Questis could improve the lives of your team? Schedule a demo today!

About Radiant Academy

Radiant Academy is a new Christian and early childhood learning center located in North Charleston, South Carolina. Their mission is to provide a loving and safe environment for children, to create an intentionally diverse early learning experience for children and their families, and to foster hands on learning, and spiritual and holistic support.

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