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Questis and Womxn of Wealth Join Forces

QuestisxWOW Join Forces in Financial Empowerment

Questis teams up with WOW to give womxn everywhere access to financial healing and empowerment through inclusive education, coaching, and community.

Charleston, SC and Los Angeles, CA, August 29th, 2023 – Today, Questis, a workforce financial empowerment company, and Womxn of Wealth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to women’s financial enablement, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to accomplish a mission of delivering actionable financial empowerment to women everywhere.

Questis will integrate into the Womxn of Wealth experience, granting WOW members access to Questis’ proprietary platform, workshops, webinars, and one-on-one financial coaching. Questis’ excellence in the financial wellness space, paired with WOW’s expertise in leading women from financial literacy to fluency to mastery, go hand in hand and will empower women everywhere to take control of their financial journey.

“We founded WOW because of the gap in financial education for women. The WOW community is creating the opportunity for professional women to have contextual conversations with other like-minded women who are serious about making financial transformations. Now with Questis, we can deliver our members the tools they need to take action towards their financial goals,” comments Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs, WOW Co-founder.

WOW’s mission is to elevate all women by helping them gain the tools, knowledge, and confidence to take wealth-building firmly into their own hands. Now, with the addition of Questis’ services, WOW members have access to technology that allows them to take easy, actionable steps toward their financial health. From creating spending plans to tracking goals and monitoring day-to-day financial health, Questis’ technology supports WOW members in reaching their financial goals at every stage of every journey, all while having on-demand accountability from a certified financial coach.

“The relationship we have with money is emotional. Making space to have safe conversations, combined with actionable support from Questis’ technology and coaches, is the perfect triad needed to move the needle towards financial transformation,” says AdaPia d’Errico, Co-founder of WOW. “This is the perfect synergistic partnership, and we are excited to offer Questis to our members.” 

Questis typically partners with organizations to deliver financial empowerment to their employees, making this partnership unique in that it will open doors for womxn everywhere who are entrepreneurs, household CEOs, or do not work in a traditional workplace. WOW + Questis’s inclusive approach will deliver a unique community-focused experience to help womxn across all socio-economic strata take their financial lives into their own hands.

“There is incredible alignment between Questis and WOW making this a great partnership. In linking up with the like-minded female founders at WOW, we are coming together to elevate our missions in delivering life-changing financial healing and empowerment” adds Lynn Raynault, CEO of Questis.

About Questis

Questis helps businesses become life-changing employers by delivering employees the tools, resources, and accountability needed to solve the root causes of financial stress. Their mission is to replace feel-good Financial Wellness programs with proven solutions based on solid behavioral science, real-person coaching, personalized and predictive planning, and cutting-edge technology. Questis is the only financial benefit that offers deep financial healing to transform people’s relationships with money. Interested in seeing how Questis could improve the lives of your team? Schedule a demo today!

About WOW

Womxn of Wealth (WOW) is dedicated to empowering women on their financial journey by fostering an environment for them to learn, grow, and master wealth, worth, and abundance. WOW is committed to revolutionizing the way women view and interact with money, breaking down societal barriers, and building confidence and skills around finances. WOW’s mission is to help women assert their financial prowess and multiply their wealth confidently, joyfully, and sustainably. By providing spaces for women to explore and take action on financial concepts and strategies, WOW actively bridges the gender wealth gap, and leads women to become stewards of personal and global wealth.

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