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Top Wellness Programs for 2023

Top Wellness Programs for 2023

Benefits Report: Top Wellness Programs for 2023

Healthy and happy employees are an asset to every company, no matter the size or industry. That’s why many HR professionals are looking to improve their benefits packages by adding holistic wellness programs that support all areas of their teams’ health and wellness.

Employers who provided the proper resources to support their employees’ holistic health saw increased productivity and innovation, boosted morale and creativity, and less stress. 

With that in mind, let’s look at examples of four of some of the top wellness programs for 2023 you can adopt to help your employees have their best year ever. 

Mental Health & Wellness: Headspace for Work

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If your company values work-life balance, there are tools to help you foster that balance for your employees. Encourage folks to take a break by adopting Headspace for Work. With Headspace, employees can access hundreds of science-backed meditation and mindfulness exercises that can improve their sleep, focus, movement, and stress. According to Headspace, using their app can reduce stress by 32% in 30 days.

Employees who practice meditation and mindfulness will benefit physically and mentally — and that’s good news for your workplace, too. Less-stressed employees mean fewer sick days, more effective teamwork, and better focus. 

If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck with wellness programs, then you’ll appreciate that Headspace has an industry-leading employee adoption rate and more than 70 million downloads. 

Physical Health & Wellness: Noom for Work

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When people feel good, it’s easier for them to focus on their work. That’s why employers turn to Noom to help their employees take control of their physical health and reach their weight loss goals. The Noom for Work program provides technology and human coaching to help employees meet their personal health and wellness goals. This behavior-change platform helps people with chronic and non-chronic conditions, such as hypertension and diabetes. 

While anyone can sign up for Noom as an individual, Noom for Work provides employers with a robust wellness program and a proven approach to developing healthier habits, such as moving regularly and developing stress-coping techniques. Noom for Work is a single platform that helps people lose weight and reduce health risks, as well as manage stress and anxious feelings. HR professionals will appreciate that Noom’s marketing efforts lead to high employee enrollment and engagement (an average enrollment rate of 25%). You can also access real-time dashboards that illustrate your ROI.

Reproductive Health & Wellness: Carrot Fertility

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One way to show employees that you truly want them to thrive outside of work is to support them as they start families. With Carrot Fertility, you give your workforce equal access to high-quality fertility care, regardless of race, income, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, geographic location, or marital status.

Fertility support can be very expensive, and many people find it unattainable. By making Carrot Fertility a part of your benefits package, you give employees equitable access to care and resources for issues including fertility preservation (such as egg and sperm freezing), donor and gestational carrier services, pregnancy care, IVF, adoption, low testosterone, and menopause. 

If you have a distributed workforce, Carrot Fertility ensures all of your employees receive comprehensive fertility support by helping them navigate location-specific journeys. Carrot Fertility prioritizes understanding cultural norms, local rules and regulations, and other factors that can affect the fertility care your employees receive. 

Financial Health & Wellness: Questis

Financial wellness is a significant part of overall wellness that often goes unrecognized and untreated. Many people aren’t financially well even when they have a steady paycheck; more than half of people can’t afford a $1,000 emergency expense. That uncertainty affects how they show up at work. Nine in 10 Americans say money contributes to their stress, and more than three in four stressed employees say that financial worries negatively affect their productivity. Even more worrisome, 16% of suicides in the US occur in response to a financial problem. 

Financial stress causes people to suffer both physically and mentally and can lead to issues such as losing sleep at night, developing unhealthy eating habits, and lying about financial situations. Additionally, financial stress can lead to physical ailments such as hypertension and heart attacks. 

Traditional benefits such as 401(k)s are important, but employees still need the tools and knowledge to make the most of them. Employees also have very diverse goals and are not all trying to save for retirement or currently can, given their unique financial situation. To provide an equitable and holistic solution, companies need to deliver more than the basics. While mental and physical wellness solutions have evolved drastically in the past few years, the idea of financial health & wellness has not. The financial aspect must keep up to support employees in a changing world.

This is why Questis aims to give all people the opportunity to reach financial well-being and support people no matter where they are on their journey. Whether dealing with the financial challenges of an aging parent or creating an intentional spending plan, our coaches meet individuals with empathy and compassion.

Want to improve your employees’ overall wellness? Start by giving them the tools to gain better control of their finances. That benefits everyone, including your company culture.

Learn more about how to get started with Questis.

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