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Questis Enters Joint Business Relationship with Alliance Pension Consultants

Live from Collision Conference in New Orleans, Questis is excited to announce today that we have entered a joint business relationship with Alliance Pension Consultants (APC), a retirement plan consulting, record keeping, and third party administration firm, to offer Questis’ digital financial wellness platform to their 700+ clients across the nation. The Alliance Pension team believes strongly that a focus on financial wellness is an essential component in the success of any company, their employees, and our nation’s financial well-being. Alliance will incorporate Questis’ digital solution to amplify their existing retirement offerings with a configurable, scalable, and secure financial wellness platform.

“This is the year of financial wellness, and the year our industry needs to take action. By incorporating Questis’ financial wellness platform into our toolbox, we’re offering our clients a configurable, technical architecture that’s finally making its way into the financial sector. With this partnership, we’ll be able to more effectively help employees with their finances and offer our clients transparency into the financial health of their organization for the first time. Essentially, we’re scaling our offering from 15% of a solution, to 100%. That coupled with how positive and life changing this platform will be, is really something to be proud of.”

Jeff B. Feld, CPA, Principal, Alliance Pension

Questis’ digital financial wellness platform is designed to enhance existing financial wellness offerings or power entirely new ones. Complete with configurable features including content, advisor meeting scheduling, action items, account integration, and more, along with direct access to real, human advisors, Alliance Pension’s offering, powered by Questis, provides a clear digital roadmap to help their clients and their employees reach and surpass their financial goals.

Alliance Pension is trusted by their countless longtime relationships. They pride themselves not only on their industry expertise, but on their unwavering dedication to their clients. Part of that devotion is their ongoing commitment to innovation, specifically with respect to financial wellness and the positive impact solutions like Questis can have on peoples’ financial futures.

“This is absolutely the direction the retirement advisory world needs to go and Alliance Pension is committed to that. By integrating a digital financial wellness backbone into Alliance Pension’s existing retirement offerings, their customers will be able to do so much more for their financial health with just a few clicks. With their robust network and our software, we can powerfully demonstrate how now, anyone can enjoy the benefits of having a financial advisor in their pocket, guiding them step by step to reach and surpass their individual financial goals.”

Steve Wilbourne, CEO, Questis

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