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Financial Wellness Blog

The Difference Between Financial Wellness and Financial Empowerment

Workers are quitting their jobs at record rates. In an ever-changing world of attracting and retaining top talent, the war for talent is heating up. During this “Great Resignation,” or…

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Budgeting Spending Plan

Throw Budgeting Out the Window and Make a Spending Plan Instead

By Martha Brown Menard, PhD, Director of Financial Coaching, Questis Do you have too much month left at the end of your money every paycheck? You’re not alone. About 75%…

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Fin Coaching

What is financial coaching and why should employers care?

When it comes to money, almost everybody knows they should spend less and save more. What they often struggle with is ‘how’. What they need isn’t another article to read…

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Child Tax Credit Family

How the Child Tax Credit Puts Monthly Money in Your Pocket

Discover if you qualify for this monthly stimulus, how much you should expect, and when. I’m sure you have heard about it in the news, seen headlines in your social…

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Financial Wellness Thought Leaders You Should Be Following

Financial Wellness Thought Leaders You Should Be Following Today

The financial wellness industry is becoming increasingly known to the HR and benefits community as a ‘must have’ for employers and employees alike. Its prominence since the start of the…

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Questis, an Industry-Leading Workforce Financial Empowerment Company Announced its 2021 Rebrand

Questis is relaunching in 2021 to fill the gap left by ineffective financial wellness programs and is now shaping up to be the preferred direct solution in the employee benefits…

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Proactive Plan Sponsor Communication Recommendations During COVID-19

Because of recent news surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to take this time to share a few messages and recommendations.
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Firms Need to Embrace Technology and They Need to Do It Now

As we know, the financial services industry is known for its slow uptake of new technology, favoring instead the ‘tried and true’ tactics...
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TCG Powers Wellness with Questis

TCG Advisors, LP (TCG), has launched FinPath, a unique, comprehensive financial wellness program, powered by Questis.
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Now Trending: Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is gaining ground as a key ingredient in successful financial wellness programs.
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Gen Z Is Coming: What Advisors Need to Know

When they’re not typing ‘uwu’ into a text message, Gen Zers are busy learning from their elders’ financial mistakes. Gen Z―those born aft...
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This Is Not Your Father’s Retirement

Retirement trends are changing. No longer are people expected to spend their days playing golf and bridge (unless they want to, of course...
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Financial Fitness for Life Partners with Questis to Deliver Comprehensive Financial Wellness

Financial Fitness for Life Partners with Questis to Combine In-Person Coaching with Technology to Deliver a Comprehensive Financial Welln...
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Is Financial Stress the New Smoking?

Having less stress in our lives generally has a positive impact on health. But what about reducing financial stress? Is there really a re...
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Financial Stress Seminar Focuses on Costs to Companies and Their Employees

Financial stress burdens too many Americans’ lives on a daily basis. Employees are turning to their employers for help. A recent seminar,...
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Generational Differences: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Gen Z (born since 1996), the first generation to grow up as true digital natives, is now entering the workforce. This generation makes up...
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‘Trapped and Strapped’: Employees Need FinWellTech and Advisors Need to Update Their Business Models

As retirement plan advisory firms move toward incorporating data and technology to scale the management of plan participants, Questis’ Jamie
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When It Comes to Finances, What Is Behavioral Economics?

An introductory course on behavioral economics.
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Mentoro Works with Questis to Offer a Comprehensive Financial Wellness Solution

Mentoro Works With Questis To Offer A Comprehensive Financial Wellness Solution That Corrects The Retirement Crisis Alpharetta, GA and Ch...
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Humans Plus Technology Solve the Financial Wellness Problem

Digital advisors are the wave of the future and the good news is that they’re already here. Robo-advisors seemed like a good idea. Firms ...
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