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Financial Fitness for Life Partners with Questis to Deliver Comprehensive Financial Wellness

Financial Fitness for Life (FF4L) has integrated Questis’ financial wellness technology platform to power its wellness program. Two of the main program initiatives include conducting financial education programs and tracking employee success in those programs.

By incorporating the Questis platform into their program offering, FF4L financial consultants can more proactively conduct in-person financial coaching. With the platform’s core features including CRM-like functionality, consultants can be better informed at the time of an in-person meeting and understand the demographics of the employee they are meeting with. They can then customize an educational approach that makes sense for that individual in addition to the entire employee population. Coaches can provide ongoing, actionable guidance, track success metrics, and aggregate participant data to allow an organization to better understand its employees. In doing so, they can tailor educational programs, plan for the future of their workforce, and confidently allocate their benefits dollars based on real data.

The combination of the right technology plus real human involvement provides the ability to see a holistic view of a person’s true financial situation. Technology, in this case, allows FF4L coaches and consultants to better serve employees, to scale efforts, to be proactive, to automate processes, and to simplify workloads. Studies show that people who meet with financial coaches are more likely to set goals, calculate retirement needs, establish retirement accounts and emergency funds, display appropriate investment responses, and have greater retirement confidence. FF4L’s goal is for this process to be simple, scalable, and effective for all parties involved.

“Employees actually give their employers one solution to this problem when they request a financial wellness benefit with access to unbiased counselors,” said Robert J. Cruz, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Financial Fitness for Life. “We hear that request all of the time and that is just what this new technology allows us to do on a very personalized way.”

Financial Fitness for Life focuses on five principles to make the biggest impact on employee financial education and health.

  • Personalize: Financial wellness should be tailored to each participant.
  • Goal Orient: Financial wellness needs to involve actionable, attainable, understandable goals.
  • Simplify: Make financial wellness information uncomplicated and resources easily accessible.
  • Motivate: Motivate employees. Use incentives, confidence boosters, and continually support their goals.
  • Habituate: Financial wellness is not a short term solution. Put a program in place that makes financial wellness and the actions associated a lifestyle.

“It’s so important for people to feel confident in their understanding of their personal financial situation,” said Steve Wilbourne, CEO Questis. “Our technology paired with a hands-on, human approach provided by Financial Fitness for Life makes this possible and really, this is the first step toward financial wellbeing. Further, it’s important for employers to realize that their workforces have financial issues. No employee population is void of this problem. Employees are not only looking to their employer for help, these issues are costing employers more money than they realize.”

FF4L and its robust program removes the hurdles employers face in providing the participant education and financial wellness solution employees desperately need by tackling the many problems facing employees from all angles. Further, its unique pricing model makes such a solution accessible to all plans, no matter their size.

About Financial Fitness for Life

Financial Fitness for Life provides embedded services including robust participant education, unbiased underlying investments and plan health analytics as well as an ERISA 3(38) offering designed to provide plan sponsors with fiduciary protection. Advisory services offered through Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC: 6201 College Blvd., 7th Floor, Overland Park, KS 66211. Fiduciary Investment Trusts, LLC doing business as Financial Fitness for Life. Questis and Financial Fitness for Life are separate entities.

About Questis

Questis is a configurable participant management and financial wellness technology platform that allows retirement advisors and financial service providers to easily deliver personalized financial wellness programs to their plan sponsors and participants. Founded by experienced financial advisory professionals, Questis pairs the power of software with the customization and communication required to fuel behavior change. With seamless integration tools, processes, and human experts, Questis makes participant management and financial wellness simple and scalable for everyone. Now, anyone looking to run their business more smoothly or to offer financial wellness as a service can do so simply, and customized to their requirements and branding.

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