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Employee Spotlight: Andy Khuu | Quality Assurance Analyst

Andy Khuu Employee Spotlight

Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! At Questis, we deeply appreciate how vital our team is to our success. We champion and celebrate them daily. Because we value them so extensively, we want to share them with the world! Look out for new employee spotlights each month. We hope you enjoy getting to know our amazing team!

This month’s featured employee is Andy Khuu, Quality Assurance Analyst at Questis. His answers will make you think, laugh, and possibly have a crisis.


  1. What is your role at Questis and how long have you been on the team?

    I am the Quality Assurance Analyst and I’ve been on the team since March 2021, so roughly 15 months.

  2. What is your favorite part about working at Questis?

    Aside from being remote, which really is indeed a huge perk, I’ve come to appreciate more and more the overall team culture, dynamics and collaboration. A great working team helps make a great company run in my opinion.

  3. What is your “Why”?

    There’s more than enough opinions and ideas on “why” questions. Some turn to scientific explanations, others to religion or gurus or their own subconscious hypothesis. Heck, I’m cool with all of them. I believe that if you want to believe in something, then so be it. You’ve got your own mind and thoughts and opinions. If it doesn’t physically/mentally/psychologically hurt anyone else, then do you.

    My “why” would be why some would be so destructive and argumentative about another person’s opinion, explanation, or thoughts of an answer to the same question. What harm is caused by someone else thinking a different answer? What need is it that some people have to fulfill to be correct all the time? Why can’t we all just get along?

  4. What is the most interesting thing about you that your colleagues would be surprised to know?

    Well, I won’t divulge the most interesting thing, I’ve got my own secrets to keep ya know. But one “interesting” thing I don’t talk about is that I dropped out of college more than halfway through because I partied too much. I was that one guy who had a strict upbringing and unintentionally let loose and went wild while I was out-of-state. Fortunately, after a bit of time and some serious thinking about my future, I eventually finished up locally and got myself on, to say the least, a better track of life.

  5. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

    Food. Drinks. Things to consume and taste and eat and chew and digest. I love food and I love trying new kinds of food. I will typically order 2 servings for myself just so I can try multiple new things. When I eat with someone, they never leave hungry. Mostly satisfied. Typically overindulged and slightly in pain.

  6. What are your personal and/or professional goals for the year?

    A personal goal I’ve started for myself is saving enough money to go on a long overdue family vacation to Asia to visit relatives who have yet to meet my youngest offspring and potential heir to my comics and card collection.

    Professionally speaking, as part of a small team and overall company, the success and growth of the organization relies on the efforts and contribution, as well as intuitive and innovative thinking of its individuals. And my goal is to impart however much of that I can.

  7. If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life what would it be?

    Super hard. A question like this stresses me and pins my favorite foods against each other. This will do nothing to curb my appetite either. It’s like the ultimate battle of Peter Luger steak (which is overrated at this point) versus simple backyard grilled cheeseburger versus Devon & Blakely’s spicy chicken salad with sesame ginger dressing versus còm gà núòng (homemade or in any restaurant) versus Sushi Yasuda sushi versus spaghetti carbonara (must be from Italy)…why?! 

    …”to eat one meal” reminds me of my cruising experience, where for dinner, my “one meal” consisted of literally 3-4 appetizers (at least) and 3-4 entrees.

    And that folks, means my “one meal” consists of all of the above. But served appetizer-sized so I’d be able to consume all. I know only by technicality did I win this one as “dish” was probably more the intent, but I’ll ignore that. And just like that, overindulged, slightly in pain, but very much satisfied, thank you very much.


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