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Greetings from FinCon!

Personal finance on steroids for money nerds—that’s the experience of being at #FinCon18, the annual conference for people who write, blog, teach, and make videos about personal finance. For 4 days last month, I attended talks, workshops, and met dozens…

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Treats and Tricks for Open Enrollment

Ghosts, goblins, and open enrollment are creeping up on us this Halloween season. While making contributions may feel haunting, with enough time and the right plan in place, your 401(k) could turn you into a millionaire! Here are a few…

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Investment Personalities and Hogwarts Houses

Ever wondered how the wizarding world handles their investments? We’ve consulted the top goblins at Gringotts for their take on the investment personalities they associate with Hogwarts’ esteemed houses. Gryffindor The house of the brave, loyal, courageous, adventurous, daring and…

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