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Founder and CEO of Questis, Steve Wilbourne, gives insight into the industry of financial wellness and empowerment and tells how he began the Questis journey. After working as a financial advisor for 25 years, Wilbourne found that the 1% of people he was serving were struggling financially after the 2008 financial crisis. With 75% of people living paycheck to paycheck, he wondered why he would still be talking to them about retirement savings when they couldn’t handle small unexpected expenses, sparking the idea of financial empowerment for the now.

Together, with co-founder of Questis, John Tabb, and a team of passionate and like-minded individuals, Questis was born, bringing “the value of financial healing and empowerment to everyone.

Wilbourne goes on to explain the hurdles in the early stages of Questis, its future and provides advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Click here to read the full Profile of a Founder interview on The Tech Tribune.

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