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Today, Questis is thrilled to announce our joint business relationship with TRI-AD, a total benefits administration firm. TRI-AD will offer the Questis platform as its digital financial wellness backbone.

TRI-AD, who offers its clients top-tier service and flexibility, believes strongly in the value a digital financial wellness solution has to immediately impact the financial well-being of their clients and their clients’ employees. By offering a solution like Questis to their customers and their employees, TRI-AD is proud to be on the leading edge of progress in the financial wellness movement.

“It was an easy decision for us to partner with Questis to supplement the core services we already provide. Their service is easy to use and provides the additional financial planning tools our valuable customers need to secure their financial futures.”

– Thad Hamilton, President and CEO at TRI-AD

Questis’ digital financial wellness solution is designed to enhance existing financial wellness offerings or power entirely new ones. Complete with configurable features including advisor scheduling, automated action items and reminders, account integration, messaging, custom content, branding, and more.

“Our relationship with Questis allows our team to even better serve our loyal clients.”

– Jennifer Thomas, Director of Client Services, Retirement at TRI-AD

TRI-AD, powered by Questis, gives employers and their employees a simple guided path to reach and surpass their financial goals.

“Personal financial habits are something of a mystery in our modern world. We get snippets of data here and there, but never a holistic view of the whole thing. Now, with TRI-AD’s hands-on approach, coupled with the transparency made possible by our technology and user experience, we can for the first time see what’s going on and make data-driven decisions to improve people’s financial health. We are committed to making real, actionable change in people’s financial lives and TRI-AD is the perfect company to do that with.”

– Steve Wilbourne, CEO, Questis

Read the full press release here.

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