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We can’t read your employees minds – but Mercer’s 2017 Inside Employees’ Minds – Financial Wellness Report gives us a pretty good idea of how employees are really feeling about their financial wellness.

Diversity Amongst Employees

Mercer asked employees “What’s your biggest financial worry right now – the problem that keeps you awake at night?” The results show that financial concerns are as diverse as the employees themselves and contrary to popular belief, financial concerns are not limited to the often quoted retirement worry. While employees with high financial wellness index scores were primarily worried about retirement contribution, those with lower scores were more concerned with keeping up with their monthly expenses.

Holistic Financial Wellness Approach

We know that employees are struggling with finances and Financial Wellness solutions have the power to change that, but are your company’s benefits helping all of your employees with all of their worries? Your financial wellness solution should not be limited to retirement concerns. Instead, it should give your employees the direct, actionable roadmap they need, so they can easily take steps toward reaching their financial goals – all of them.

Mercer 2017 Inside Employees’ Minds Financial Wellness Report:

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