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Mark Miller, CFP® & AFC®

Hi, my name is Mark Miller and I love being a Financial Coach here at Questis where I help folks pursue their passionately-held financial goals by providing unbiased information and guidance. Since graduating from college with an Economics/Finance degree, I personally have been fascinated (really obsessed) with all things Finance but I realize for many, the topic of money can be confusing, frustrating, and perhaps even overwhelming.

My mission as a Financial Coach at Questis is to empower my clients with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed financial decisions whether it’s foundational skills like creating a household budget and building credit, or more complex topics such as saving and investing.

Mark specializes in: saving and investing, credit/debt, taxes, estate planning

He / Him / His

Time Zone: Eastern Time
Hours: 6:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Thur

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Questis coaches empower you to reach your money goals while also cultivating a better relationship with your finances.

Coaching sessions are paid for by your employer.

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